Spelling Practice Tips



There is a great website that lets the students practice their spelling words through playing games! For each week, your child will have 10 to 15 words to study, depdending on your child's grade level. Your child will bring home their list of words. Click on the following link to bring you to our spelling city website. Your child can go on this website and enter their spelling words and they will have fun practicing for their test on Friday!

Spelling City


Below are some more helpful ways you can make spelling practice fun and enjoyable for your child throughout the week!


How to Study Spelling Words

1. Look at the Word.

2. Copy the Word.

3. Say the Word aloud.

4. Spell the Word Aloud.

5. Write the Word.

6. Check the Spelling.




NO Excuse Spelling Words

(Words your child needs to be able to spell correctly ALL of the time, NO EXCUSE!)


and from

can have

I of

is said

like then

me they

my was

see went

the with

to you




* Write each word 5 times.

* Write the words in ABC order.

* Illustrate the words.

* Write the plural of each word.

* Write the opposite of each word.

* Create a crossword puzzle using the words.

* Have someone scramble the words, and then you can unscramble them.

* Take a practice test.

* Make a word search using the spelling words.

* Write each word on two index cards to play a memory game.

* Write each word in pencil, crayon, and marker

* Rainbow write each spelling word (choose 3 of your favorite colors and create a "rainbow" as you write the word over and over again, three times, once with each color)