Helpful Reading Tips


Reading Comprehension


There are several reading comprehension strategies that we will be focusing on in 1st and 2nd grade. As you are reading with your child, please work with these as well.

*Beginning, Middle, End: Have your child tell you what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story. If you are reading chapter books you can break this down into the pages you read on a nightly basis.

* Predicting: Have your child predict what he/she thinks will happen in the story. Use what you know to make a guess about what might happen.

* Inferring: Look for clues in the text that help you understand the story better.

* Monitoring: Checking to see what you know about the story.

* Visualizing: Create pictures in your mind about a story as we read.

* Questioning: Ask yourself questions as you read to understand more.

* Clarify: Find out more when you’re unsure about something.

* Synthesize: Thinking about what you’re unsure about something.

* Determine Importance: Finding the important information.

* Schema: Making a connection with the story and your life, another book, or the world.