Educational Resources on the Internet


Websites to Help Your Child at Home


 There are so many resources available to parents and students to help support them at home with what they are learning in the classroom.  Below you will find some websites that you can use with your child to expand their learning at home!


Khan Academy  This website has many videos with step-by-step explanations on how to teach the Common Core math standards being taught in the classroom.  Your child has an account and can log in to practice these standards.


Common Core Language Arts Standards

This is a PDF document stating the newly adopted Common Core standards  for Language Arts for grades Kindergarten through twelve. You can download the standards document and locate the language arts standards for 2nd grade.


Common Core Mathematics Standards

This is a PDF document stating the Common Core standards for Mathematics for grades Kindergarten through twelve.  You can download the standards document to find the mathematics standards for 2nd grade.

We are preparing our students for college and the professional world and the use of technology and coding is a huge part of our future.  Your child can learn how to code by playing fun games online!  We are getting familiar with coding inside the classroom and they can continue to code at home with the use of a computer or tablet.