Cool Kids Websites!


Here are some fun websites for kids!


Prodigy Game Online - Have fun challenging your friends while practicing Common Core math standards!  You received your child's log in information in a letter at Back to School Night or in your child's folder that went home on the first day of school.


Moby Max - MobyMax is tailored to your child's individual needs, and I think you will be very impressed by how fast your child will excel using MobyMax.  The website features placement tests that accurately identify where your child excels, and where his or her "missing skills" are.  It then provides targeted instruction to "fill in" those missing skills.  Finally, it gives your child systematic review sessions that ensure that your child retains 100% of waht he or she has learned.


Cool Math Games


Practice Your Addition and Subtraction Facts!


Timez Attack practice your multiplication facts with this engaging video game!




Highlights for Kids


PBS Kids


ICT Games


Reading and Math Games


Learning Games


Interactive Math Games


Virtual Manipulatives (math games)


Math Dictionary


Another interactive math website!


Create your own Wacky Stories!


Story Maker