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Tuesday, August 13 - Back to School Orientation.  Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade is at 1:00pm.  Please park at the bottom of the hill and walk up to the school.  We will begin in the MPR and then proceed to the classrooms to meet your child's teacher!


Wednesday, August 14 - First Day of School!  School begins at 8:15am and ends at 1:05pm because it is a Common Planning Day.



ALL PARENTS MUST have volunteer clearance through Travis USD!  This is a TUSD Board Policy.  Any adult that is working with and around children needs to be fingerprinted through our school district.  If you have already been fingerprinted in the district, you do not need to get fingerprinted again.

Click HERE for more information and to complete the online application.


Please visit the Online Resources tab within our website to see many websites that will enable your child to practice the many standards they are learning in school. 


Please visit Room A-1 Donation List to find a list of donations our classrooms need throughout the year.  Thank you for your generosity!

PLEASE NOTE:  Students are not required to donate items.  Whether or not a family chooses to donate will have no effect on academic standing or participation.


Center Elementary's School Website:  Please visit frequently as important information and dates for upcoming events are updated on a regular basis.  Let us know if there would be any other information that you would like included on the websites.  Thanks!


General Classroom Information



Homework is assigned on Monday and is expected to be returned on Friday.   Second graders will receive a monthly homework calendar at the beginning of each month which will stay in their homework folder.  They will need to complete one square each night, Monday-Thursday, and return the calendar and work and parents can send a picture of their child completing the activity (your child will not be able to physically turn in some of the assignments (example: mastering tying your shoe, building something out of legos, etc.)  Please make sure you go over the homework with your child on Thursday to make sure assignments are clear and to allow for clarification before the homework is due on Friday.  You may contact me by email at: or by phone at 707-437-4621.

Classroom Behavior

We expect students at Center to behave in a manner that allows all students to learn.  Our behavior program at Center is based on immediate and logical consequences for disruptive behavior and forgetting class or school rules so that the classroom, playground, and school remain a safe place for learning.  This is a school-wide behavior policy.   Some children have already mastered the expected classroom and school behaviors.  Some children are in need of a few practices before they master the behavior.  A few students may need many repeated practices before they master the expected behavior.  We believe that all students are able to master these behaviors as long as we provide consistent practice.

We do not feel it is necessary to notify parents for every little behavior that needs to be practiced.  We will, however, contact parents when, after many opportunities to practice at school, a student continues to have difficulty learning the behavior.  We will then ask you to talk with your child and perhaps practice this behavior at home so they may be successful at school.

I appreciate you support in our efforts to keep Center a safe place for all students to learn!

Mrs. Ede



Last Updated: 08/9/2019